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   FCHS Girls Golf Conference @ Carbondale 8:00 a.m.
   Sep 22 2020
   FCHS Boys Varsity Golf @ WF 4:00
   Sep 22 2020
   FCHS "See You At the Pole" 7:45 AM
   Sep 23 2020
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   Sep 24 2020
   FCHS Girls Golf @ WF 4:00
   Sep 24 2020


See You At  The Pole  -  Thursday, Sept. 23rd at 7:45
All students and staff are welcome to attend.  Please wear a mask and practice Social Distancing.

Sunday, September 20, 2020 – 7:00 p.m. (20-21 School Year Update #28)

 Dear Families of Frankfort CUSD #168:

We begin our second week of in-person learning tomorrow.  Our attendance rates and log-in rates have been pretty good.  We thank everyone for doing their part to make this work out as well as it has.

However, as we are at mid-term, we are seeing some disturbing information on how actively students are participating and turning in their work.  Please know that this semester is not like the spring was.  Grades are being kept.

We know that our students have had a challenging time finishing last school year and starting this one.  All of us are struggling a little bit to learn the technology and the skills that we need to increase our education and find success.  We believe in our students.  If you have questions or are struggling, you have as many or more opportunities to reach out and ask your teachers more detailed questions – especially in the office hour period in the afternoons – than you have ever had.  Please take the opportunity.  Most importantly, please turn your work in so that it can be graded and gain credit.  For those who we see are struggling, we will be reaching out.  Please be sure to answer the phone when we call or respond to the emails that we send.

Finally, almost all of the situations in which we have heard of students and staff quarantining this week have been because they are a contact of someone who is sick or positive.  Again, if you live with someone who is positive or showing symptoms, you should stay home.  We did learn over the weekend that we had one district level staff member who has tested positive who has been in and around our schools.  That staff member went home from FCHS at the first sign of symptoms early Thursday morning before few had arrived.

We again will work our way through the coming week.  Please be sure to continue with your safe practices as we keep moving forward each day.

The next post, unless we have a positive case we need to alert about, will be on Tuesday evening.  Until then, have a pleasant few days.


Matt Donkin

Superintendent of Schools



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